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Below Products we Distribute – 
 Water Treatment Chemicals for Boiler, Cooling Tower, Engine Coolant, Cleaning chemicals for Boiler, Condenser & Plate Heat Exchanger, ETP Polymer, PAC, Decolorant & etc.
* Industrial Cooling Tower & Spares - Infill, Fan Blade sets, Motor, Sprinkler Head, Louver, Bearing Housing and etc. 
* Cooling Tower Circulation pump & Industrial pumps. 
* SMC Industrial Pneumatic Products, 
* SICK Industrial Sensing products, 
* Honeywell & L&G Boiler Control products, 
* Laboratory Products (pH, TDS Meter, Electrode & Controller, 
* Fork Lift Truck (Recon & New) & Spares, 
* IR Pneumatic Pumps & Blower, 
* Krytox HT Grease, Specialty grease and oil. 
* Generator Spares – All spares we can supply. 
* As per customer demand wise we supply any products.

We have expertise installation of Cooling Tower, Generator, Boiler, Water Treatment Plant and others. We also provide Software program and installation and factory automation.

We are dealing many of the supplier and Manufacturers around the world. We have a Branch office in Singapore and sourcing globally and better service to the clients.